Our Guide to Making the Most of Your Trip in Batam

October 31, 2019
Holiday Inn Resort

Explore more of Southeast Asia by visiting Batam in Indonesia’s Riau Islands. This emerging industrial boomtown is just one flight away from Phuket and an hour-long ferry from Singapore and Johor Bahru, Malaysia. A trip to this transport hub will save you money compared to Bali or Langkawi, and the experience is as exciting. However, it’s best to plan your Batam trip beforehand to avoid wasting time and resources.

Here are some tips that will make your stay in Batam more enjoyable:

Check the weather

Before anything else, check the weather forecast during your planned stay to prepare your essentials. You may have to pack sunblock during fair weather and a coat during rainy days. Don’t forget extra travel bags for soiled or wet clothes as well. Visit websites that provide detailed, 14-day forecasts to enjoy your trip regardless of the weather.

Get the right transportation at the ideal time

Take note of ferry times, terminals, and operators to avoid ending up on a trip that is far from your hotel. Avoid the danger of missing your ferry by booking hotel packages, which often include tours, accommodation, complimentary breakfasts, and ferry transfers. Some packages also include a seafood lunch and optional body massage. Although you will have to shell out more money for these packages, at least everything will be taken care of. If you’ll only need the ferry ride, book directly at the operator’s website and allow ample travel time before the trip.

Plan your itinerary

Put details onto your schedule and stick with it. If you want to shop until you drop, prioritize going to shopping districts first to find clothes, gadgets, and souvenirs. Likewise, visit as many places as you can if you intend to explore Batam’s sights. Don’t forget to get meals in between and avoid doing too much in such a short time. You can always return and enjoy the experience again if you do not have enough of the place the first time around!

Pack what’s essential

Start packing your bag three days before your Batam trip to avoid cramming. Then, weigh every item you wish to bring and leave the ones that are not essential for the vacation. Travel documents and communication materials are must-bring items, while towels and headphones are not.

Book a hotel for the right reason

Time is of the essence as a tourist, and booking a hotel in the city center will be counterproductive if you intended to visit the beach. You should have to travel 30-minutes each way every time you want to hit the water—and that’s assuming the traffic is in your favor! A round trip will take away an hour of your day, which could have been delegated for other activities.

Likewise, book a hotel within the Nagoya or Baloi district if shopping is your primary intention. You can save money on transportation costs which buys an additional item or two. Finally, confirm that all your hotel and tour reservations are reserved to avoid any hassle once you’re in Batam.

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