Our Guide to a Hot Beach Attraction in Batam – Adventure Ranoh Island

November 15, 2019
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What was once a hidden, undiscovered gem is now rising the ranks of Indonesia’s most famous beach attractions in Batam called Adventure Ranoh Island. From a natural wonder to a land of water adventures, you can expect it to be a hub of entertainment for families and friends with a beautiful backdrop of coconut groves, palm trees, white sands, and crystal clear waters.

Adventure Ranoh Island

Previous known as Ranoh Beach, an untouched paradise, the Adventure Ranoh Island is now a popular beach attraction that opened to the public in early 2018. There are a lot of water sports you can explore with like-minded, thrill-seekers – such as canoeing, snorkeling, and even beach-friendly activities like archery, chess, darts, mahjong, frisbees, and volleyball.

The whole set up is built to make your family getaway dreams come true as the picturesque beach strikes a balance between tranquil moments and heart-racing games. You can also expect the following in certain package deals, such as:

● Speed boat
● Butter lunch
● Coconut drinks
● Afternoon high tea

How to Get to Ranoh Island

Ranoh Island is 75 minutes away from Batam Center, which involves two trips in both the land and sea. As for land transportation methods, you can reach Adventure Ranoh Island by renting private vehicles or experiencing local life with the use of public transportation.

The latter, however, is not recommended for tourists as most buses have unscheduled routes. To that end, you can easily rent a private vehicle or make your life easier by acquiring the full deal from travel agent services that add transportation in their package. This will take a total of 60 minutes, which you can use to marvel at scenic sites such as the six majestic bridges connecting islands from Batam Island to Galang Baru Island.

The next step in your journey is at the port of Labun Island, wherein you will have to continue using a speedboat for 15 minutes. The waves in this region are famous for their tranquility, so those who are afraid of the ocean don’t need to worry. Not to mention, every traveler will have a life jacket throughout the trip.

Dining in Adventure Ranoh Island

Adventure Ranoh Island is lined with a plethora of restaurants that offer different, authentic flavors that promise to give you a taste of Indonesia’s food culture. You can expect to satisfy your cravings for heavy spices and dishes that punch you with intense flavors, such as mouth-watering meals like Crispy Duck, Betutu, Pelalah, Ayam Bakar Taliwang, and Plecing Kangkung.

If you’re looking for the ultimate tropical vacation, Adventure Ranoh Island is one of the best places to visit this year as it is filled with resort facilities and thrilling activities set on a natural wonder. To make the most of your itinerary, the guide above should help you dip your toes as you plan your trip.

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