4 Tips to Help You Take Stunning Photos at the Beach When in Batam

January 3, 2020
Holiday Inn Resort

Everyone has their favorite place to stand back and capture stunning pictures. For some, it could be in the mountains, while others would prefer the city skyline. For you, this favorite place could be the beach! The beach is truly a stunning place to take pictures, from its scenic views to the captivating aura it has.

With that said, if you’re wondering how you could step up your photo-taking game and take stunning pictures of the beach, here are four tips to help you do just that:


1. Start early, end late

If you’ve been photographing for a while, you should already know more about the golden hours in photography. If you don’t know what it is, it is merely the short period right after sunrise and right before sunset, where the sunlight is at an angle just above the horizon. This type of lighting allows you to take some of the most beautiful pictures you can ever capture because of the warm colors it exudes.

If you’re taking pictures at the beach and want to make use of the golden hours, do note that it might start earlier and end later than you’re used to. That’s because there isn’t any object blocking the rising and setting of the sun, such as buildings or mountains.


2. Be creative

At the beach, you’re given every opportunity to take a myriad of picture styles. For example, you might be presented the chance to capture a “story” at the beach. Think of fishers, boats, children, and the likes. What are they doing? Where are they going? What emotions are they feeling? These elements help not only to make your picture look great but to have a greater story behind each picture captured.

Other pictures you can take might also highlight details of some sort of object or subject. Intricate seashells, colorful boats, the scenic beach—all these shapes, colors, and designs just waiting for you to take a picture of.

In other words, keep an eye out for opportunities to tell a story, and don’t be afraid to be creative! You might just find amazing photos in the most unlikely of places.


3. Use your lens hood

If you’re trying to capture a backlit photo at the beach using the sun as the primary source of light, you might experience a lot of haziness in the picture. That’s because the sun, while it is casting a beam of light to the background of your subject, can overwhelm it and create a hazy look. By using a lens hood, you can reduce the effects of the haze, allowing your subject to be seen in greater detail.


4. Always experiment

Other than being creative with the locations and subjects, you can also experiment with different types of lenses! Fisheye, wide-angle, telephoto, macro—any kind of lens. You can even use filters to add a vibrant element or to highlight a specific hue to the pictures you’re taking.

The beach presents you with different opportunities to take stunning and memorable photos. Remember the tips given above, and never stop being creative! With all the fun you’re going to have in taking pictures, you might find that even the daylight hours might not be long enough to help you capture all you have in mind.

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