4 Must-See Spots to Visit in Batam with Friends – Our Guide

November 22, 2019
Holiday Inn Resort

The nightlife at Batam, Indonesia, is a mix of vibrant clubs, lively bars, and charming cafes lined together with surrounding beaches for the ultimate relaxing experience. It’s a combination of unapologetic raunchy fun for single, wistful tipplers along with subdued, wholesome activities for families, making it a place where every type of traveler can find something that suits their taste.

While it isn’t as colorful as the urban escape such as Bali, Batam is still a colorful hot spot that offers just as much charm for locals and vacationers after dark. To that end, here are different places you and your friends should visit if you want to taste the exotic nightlife in Batam, Indonesia!

Must-Visit #1: Titanium Club

Titanium Club is a perennial favorite in Batam as it steadily grew in popularity since its opening. The central attraction is located smack in the middle of Batu Ampar, wherein music junkies and a diverse mix of people gather in this speakeasy bar.

Many tourists and locals love Titanium Club for its colorful design and live music, which blares genres from rock, funk, to soul. While jamming to tunes, you can complete your cravings for a night out in the city with Titanium Club’s wide selection of delectable drinks and snacks all for a friendly price.

Must-Visit #2: No Name Bar

In spite of its moniker, No Name Bar is one of the biggest names in the night scene as the colorful atmosphere invites night owls from different walks of life.

The small venue can light up the whole street with its vibrant vibe and live music, wherein the diverse, head-bobbing live music plays at full volume for hours on end. Top it off with rows of lip-smacking cocktails and an overall heart-pumping ambiance, No Name Bar is one of the best places to party till dawn for friends staying in at the Harmoni Hotel in Riau Islands Province.

Must-Visit #3: The Last Pub and Restaurant

If you’re looking to take a break from the busy nightlife of Batam, you can find peace in the classy yet cozy bistro called The Last Pub and Restaurant. Located on Kepulauan Riau, it’s a sophisticated eatery that stands out from the otherwise simple dining scene of its town.

Must-Visit #4: Tiigo Beach Club

If you’re more of a beach bum who wants to lounge by the white sands under the stars with a cocktail on hand, you can make your fantasies into reality at Tiigo Beach Club in Montigo Resorts Nongsa.

It’s a laidback beach that feels like an oasis from the city, featuring bungalow accommodations and authentic Indonesian staples. You can fire up the night even more by catching beach parties with a breathtaking ocean view, be sure to search for its schedule so you can watch it on your visit.

The Bottom Line

Beyond pristine beaches, caves, and coconut groves, Batam also offers tourists a chance to get to know the hot destination spot after hours. The vibrant nightlife features a plethora of bars, restaurants, clubs, and cafes, inviting a diverse mix of vacationers and locals alike.

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